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Frugal Living Don'ts

Frugal Living Don'ts

Living frugally isn't about spending as little as possible whenever possible. Seemingly thrifty habits can actually end up costing you more in the long run. Editor and publisher of Budget Savvy magazine, Melissa Tosetti, offers a few frugal-living don'ts:

- Don't buy cheap clothes that will only wear out (or go out of style) and have to replaced. Instead, try shopping at thrift stores. Not only will you get items at 90% off, but you won't look like everyone else.

- Don't skimp on car maintenance. Be militant about changing the oil, rotating tires, etc. Taking care of your car will help you avoid expensive repairs or purchases down the road.

- Don't skimp on healthy food. While coupons may appear to save you money, they're typically for packaged or processed foods, items that leave you craving more or feeling hungry sooner. It's usually cheaper (and definitely better for you) to buy fewer, healthier items.

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Posted: 1/14/10
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Help!I am signed on as a member. I can not access the 30 frugal living tips. I am taken to a page to sign on again, then it tells me you already have my email and will not let me access more than 5 tips. It seems that only new recruits can get the tips! Is that true. This happened a few weeks ago with weight loss tips. HELP! ellencullman@yahoo.com

  • By namlluc
  • on 1/14/10 5:19 PM EST