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"My sister recommended your site and I love it! What a great way to start my day and I always share inspiring tips with my co-workers! Thank you for the inspiration." -Marie
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Wisdom from Some of our Experts

Wisdom from Some of our Experts

Here's what's going on with our expert bloggers:

1) The Power of Getting Real
Motivational speaker, Mike Robbins, invites you to try the "If You Really Knew Me" exercise: In a small group, give each person a minute or two to complete the sentence, "If you really knew me, you'd know…," with things that are real, vulnerable, and below the surface (thoughts, feelings, dreams, insecurities, opinions, experiences, passions, challenges, and so on). Getting real is "one of the most meaningful, rewarding, and connective experiences we can have with other human beings," says Robbins. Read more here.

2) 5000 Synapses in the Width of a Hair
Small changes in daily activities—meditating instead of sleeping in, driving a cab instead of working in an office—can make changes in the brain that seem small but actually create big changes in the mind. Read more brain wisdom from Rick Hanson, Ph.D. here and in his previous blog post.

3) Coming Out of Survival: The Path
Imagine there is such a thing called happiness and it's not just a fleeting moments or isolated incidents.
Imagine Joy. Pure immense Joy.
Imagine living from a place of inspiration, not desperation and all the time.
Imagine knowing and understanding how Life really works and living it.

Read the rest of Wani Manly’s inspirational poem here.

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Posted: 8/2/10
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