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The Antidote to Fear

The Antidote to Fear

The best way to counter fear, one of the emotions, or "change demons," that keep us from moving easily through change, is to find your faith—not only in a spiritual sense, but in yourself, in others and in the idea that things are always getting better. But all faith is not created equal.

Blind faith, or the belief that something else, such as a higher power, is responsible for and will fix everything, results in the attitude, there is nothing I can do. It tends to keep you stuck during change.

Real faith involves fully and actively participating in change. You take as much action as you can, but surrender to how and when something happens. Having faith in the face of fear is the ultimate surrender.

When fear is present during change, find your faith and don't let anyone else's beliefs throw that faith into doubt. Nothing is more powerful than what you choose to believe.

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Posted: 9/29/09
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Excellent Article!!!!


you are so right about believeing in faith. i have always trusted god and will condtinue to do so.thanks for the reminder.