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The Epiphany Project

The Epiphany Project

If you've ever had an experience, small or large, that's changed your life, you've had an epiphany. But have you ever shared this experience with others? Actress and independent filmmaker, Elise Ballard, is working to develop a community where people can experience, learn about and share great epiphany stories.

"Most of our epiphanies contain our greatest wisdom and incredibly valuable insights," says Elise, "but many times we don't share these stories readily because they often occur in very private ways."

Elise's hope is that people can feel inspired and learn as much as she has from the epiphanies of others. Her Epiphany Project currently consists of a web site and a book-in-progress, Epiphany, but she dreams of expanding it into a series of books, a web community and perhaps an independent film. There's even been some interest in a television show.

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Posted: 8/18/09
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When I read this I was blown away. Because about a year ago I had an epiphany and it changed my life in a life changing way! It had been about 2 1/2 yrs after my divorce and I hadn't faced the fact that I was full of regrets and negativity. And in the midst of doing something very negative, it hit me that I could be doing something more productive and useful with all this negative energy to change my life and others. It was like a lightbulb came on. And I started working hard ever since being positive and doing affirmations, ect. Mary Jane F.

  • By janie54
  • on 8/18/09 5:45 PM EST