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Meet Your "Letting-Go" Muscle

Meet Your "Letting-Go" Muscle

Letting go isn’t easy, but here’s the good news: You’re much better at it than you think. In addition to having a Change Muscle that helps you through change, you have a Letting-Go Muscle that helps you let go of people, places, things, situations or even beliefs.

Every time you’ve been through a change, good or bad, you’ve let go of something. In school, you let go of teachers and classmates to move on to the next grade. As an adult, perhaps you’ve moved, left a job, gotten married or made some other big change. In each case, you've been successful at letting go of something.

Whenever you’re having a difficult time letting go, remind yourself of how strong this muscle has become. And of how different your life would be if you never let go of anything!

Ultimately, letting go is what makes room for the new things that life has in store for you.

Posted: 7/5/09
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Letting go is harder than it sounds. Especially when someone has used their relationship with your family to throw down on you. There was an incident a couple of years ago with a family friend who I believed to be a good person, due to the fact that she was a churchgoing young woman and she was nice to my parents. Well, one day she lied on me and then treated me as if I were a child. I was quite surprised and angered by her actions that I didn't speak to her for a over a year. When we spoke last month, I told her off. Later, she claimed to want to be my friend, but has yet to step forward and apologize officially. To be honest, I have not really forgiven her and I still have more stuff I want to get off my chest!


I have trouble letting go of people the most. I can let go of clothes, toys, furniture, etc. I have let go and it has taken me yrs. to get over someone. I tell myself that I need to let go in order to grow and discover new things in my life. It's a struggle alright! I hate it!


im am so glad to have found this it is something that i need to start telling myself! i have been stuggling to let go of things lately but if i look at all the things ive let go of in my life for the places if been and seen and adventured to wow i have let go of alot! you know i think that is just never seen it that way before. thats a good way of thinking about that. thank you!


First, Congratulations on the 6 yrs of sobriety.
That's wonderful!
Why does this "stuff"come back to haunt us?
I don't know.
But I do know that spending ANY time there is not healthy.
When that "stuff" comes in, don't go there. Not for 1 second.
Redirect yourself. Quickly.
The more I practice this, the quicker I change direction.
I have lots of "stuff" that would paralyze my progress, too, Hon.
Best of Luck to you, birdnparadise.


I write about the choice to make desired changes in life on my website. I'm also in rocovery, 6 yrs sobriety and have learned allot about "letting-go". What do you advise when someone like myself has experienced substantial changes, personal growth, spiritual awareness and then I find that issues I have used the "Letting-go Muscle" on; still have physical memories that can bring up pain and memories that I honestly believed I "let go" of years ago. The cellular memories of the past.

These are things that don't interrupt my daily life per say...until that core issue is touched again in some way? For me it is sexual abuse trauma, that occurred in my adult life and relationships...not childhood experiences. Can you give me some insight on this? I feel I may have missed something in the process of changing old belief systems and creating the life I desire today. My life is wonderful...why does this old "stuff" come up still? I let it go!