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"I love your book. It is helping me to acknowledge negative thoughts and emotions and turn them around, instead of letting them circle in my head." -Teresa
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A Photo Everyone Must See!

A Photo Everyone Must See!

I found this photo while doing a workshop this weekend. I was simply blown away by the image of the little boy and his dog praying together. The power, faith and focus of these two together just left me incredibly touched. It's simply a beautiful photo that I wanted to share. No words are needed. (I apologize for the quality of the photo. It's old, but still touching.)

Please pass it on.

With love,

Posted: 7/16/09
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Thanks for posting..great pic! I remember those days :)


Old,but touching, is just as good...
Since "a picture's worth a thousand words",perhaps you, Ariane and members of your community should post "photos" of inspiration, from time-to-time...
Keep up the good work !