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Sticks and Stones...

Sticks and Stones...

Remember when you were a kid and some other kids you didn’t know might try to get your goat by insulting you? It didn’t feel very good, did it? And you knew there were ways to deal with the problem, but they never occurred to you at the time.

So, you did the only thing you new how to do. Stiff upper lip and all…you tried to ignore the other kids…you tried to walk on…you tried not to show them you wanted to…

…cry and run away.

Remember those nursery rhymes you learned? Well that’s what they are really for. So, if you’re a parent now and your son or daughter comes home with one of those taunting experiences fresh under his or her belt, maybe a little hug, some ice cream, and a rousing full-volume harmony-filled version of “sticks and stones will break my bones…” will help more than a phone call to the parents of one of the children.

There are a lot of ways at home to make a child feel better.

Posted: 3/3/09
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