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"Your book has fabulous tips to help the mindset-changing work that I do in the health industry. I am already sharing the book and web site with clients." -Tatiana
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Sweet Temptations

Sweet Temptations

Think back to a particularly tempting moment in your life that you managed to avoid. How did you do it? The answer may hold the key to staving off future temptations.

Was it the image of a frying pan flying towards your face that kept you from running back into your ex’s arms? Did the three-sizes-ago-jeans-induced abdominal pain keep you away from that dessert buffet? More likely, thinking about fresh fruits and vegetables or going for a run made the difference when you got that powerful urge to snack. (Focusing on a better alternative, rather than on not having the thing we’re after, is usually the best technique.)

Regardless of what’s worked for you in the last, thinking about it again can help you avoid the temptation of the moment.

Just keep in mind that acknowledging a vice—i.e., admitting you have no control—will make you succumb to it even more. So don’t ever, ever admit to giving in to that chocolate cake, Icy Spicy Martini or semi-annual clearance sale. Even to yourself.

Posted: 2/18/09
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Keeping busy or changing the mood is a good way to avoid temptation.


I normally enjoy all the readings and don't comment. But this one.... The first step to overcoming any addiction -- food, alcohol, shopping, etc. -- is admitting that you do not have control! As AA and Alanon and all other twelve step programs will attest to, until you admit that you have an addition, while you stay in denial, you will continue to succumb. Step Two is recognizing that there is a power greater than yourself that can help you and then (Step Three) turning your addiction over to that higher power.
Thanks for letting me share!