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The World's 27 Million Most Terrifying Secrets: My Change Nation Interview with Justin Dillon

The World's 27 Million Most Terrifying Secrets: My Change Nation Interview with Justin Dillon

You don't find opportunities to change the world. They find you. That's how Justin Dillon explains his transition from life-long musician to creator of CALL+RESPONSE, a rockumentary exposing the reality of human trafficking and slavery.

On tour in Russia, Dillon met girls who spoke of "opportunities" to come west to work as domestics. "Months before, I had read a New York Times article about this new kind of sex trade and I couldn’t believe [it]," he recounts. "And then, here I am, three months later, meeting girls that were being offered the same offers I was reading about." He vowed to do something.

"Change is filling a need or a gap somewhere that needs to be filled," says Dillon. "I saw this huge space and decided that I need to do everything I can to help fill it."

Estimates show that close to 27 million people are living in slavery worldwide (a quarter million in the U.S. alone). 80% are women and children sold into forced domestic work, labor or sex slavery. "Why isn't everybody talking about this?" Dillon asks passionately. "Why isn't every government, every business, doing something?" According to Dillon's film, in 2007 slave traders made more money than Google, Nike and Starbucks combined.

Listen to my entire Change Nation interview with Justin Dillon.

This is a must listen to interview. Please pass it around.

Posted: 11/6/09
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As long as people continue the think that a few people with comfortable incomes in the USA have a higher intrinsic value than the entire population of the continent of Africa.

As long as people, knowing that there are millions possibly a billion people at the point of starvation in the world today still do not understand that they must do whatever it takes to prevent this suffering.

As long as more than a billion young children across the world today continue to be abused and other wise invalidated resulting in serious mental health problems which society does not seem to wish to help people with.

As long as we continue to destroy our planet in the way we have been doing.

Then there is no hope for the human race.

Now is the time for humanity to accept that it is responsible for all the major problems in the world today and more people need to start stepping up to the mark and being prepared to make major changes in the way society operates.

Justin Dillon the work you are doing is so important and you are doing it because you refuse to turn the other cheek, you are part of a growing vangard of humanity who in their humanity are driven to change the world.

If everybody thought the way you do there would be peace on earth and not a single child would suffer from malnutrition.

  • By simonm
  • on 11/9/09 11:37 AM EST