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Things You Can Control During Transition

Things You Can Control During Transition

When we go through change, we desperately try to control everything—other people, how long the transition takes, the outcome and so on. But there are only certain things that we can control. In a recent radio interview, a great guy named Jim Lobaito shared the following list, and I loved it so much, I asked his permission to reprint it.
Things you can control during transition (abridged version):

  • Journal daily. Especially your successes.
  • Make a list of activities for which you are uniquely gifted and go do them.
  • Stand guard of your confidence by quitting the things you are not good at.
  • Develop a plan, work it and have confidence in it.
  • Exercise, strenuously, each day.
  • Schedule "decompression" time where you are alone.
  • Remember that in order for doors to open, doors must close. Don't be afraid to close some doors yourself.
  • Eliminate all "energy" drainers, both people and things.
  • Take inventory of what you think about most. Imagine where you'd like to be. Don't dwell on what's wrong.
  • Remember that people react the way you react. React positively.
  • Express gratitude to at least one person each day.

Read the complete list here.

Posted: 11/3/09
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This is an Excellent Article and advice!!


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you last evening on the Change broadcast. I wish there had been more time to hear your inspiring thoughts and message. You made me feel as though I have known you for a long time. I look forward to purchasing your book and reading your daily thoughts on my email.
Thank you!
Only one note - I wish the moderators had spent less time talking and given you more time.