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"I love your book. It is helping me to acknowledge negative thoughts and emotions and turn them around, instead of letting them circle in my head." -Teresa
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Mind Over Munchies

Mind Over Munchies

Here’s a great way to curb those 4PM snack attacks: Think about lunch. Not the one you’re planning for tomorrow—the one you already ate.

In a recent study, British researchers fed 47 women a midday meal and three hours later, asked them to write about one of two things: The meal they ate earlier or their morning commute. Amazingly, those who described their lunch downed one third fewer goodies later that day than those who recalled their AM routine.

Not because of the I-can’t-believe-I-ate-the-whole-thing guilt factor, as you might think. According to the researchers, remembering your last meal helps activate your body's natural “I'm satisfied” signal, so you eat less overall. Interesting, huh?

Ahem—are you even listening? Oh right, you’re visualizing your ham sandwich. Very well then, carry on. We’re not going to get in the way! If the visualizing doesn’t work and you do need something to tide you over, try a handful raisins or almonds. Both are packed with nutrients and filling fiber that will calm any cravings till dinner.

Posted: 1/18/09
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