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Too Much Clutter in Your Life? Read This.

Too Much Clutter in Your Life? Read This.

If your past organizing efforts have left you still buried in clutter, try incorporating more vision into the process. “The trick is not to focus on the actual stuff,” says the former star of TLC’s Clean Sweep, Peter Walsh. “Ask yourself ‘what do I want from this space?’” Then look around the room and eliminate all the things that hinder your vision.

Think of it less as getting organized, which feels like work, but more as "what 10-20 things can I easily throw out?" Old magazines, beauty products, kitchen stuff. It's much easier to throw out things than to start organizing them.

To help you stay motivated, keep visualizing how relaxing your home will be once it’s organized. You might also consider calling in a professional organizer. “Clutter robs us of our physical space,” Walsh reminds us. “It robs us socially, because we’re embarrassed to have people in our home. And it robs us emotionally, because it’s hard to be focused or calm in a space where you feel stressed and overwhelmed.”

In Walsh’s words, your home should be a haven—a place of peace, harmony and rest.

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Posted: 7/7/09
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