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The Hidden Powers of Prayer

The Hidden Powers of Prayer

Many people who are good at change believe in prayer is a great tool. Whether you believe in a person, an energy or a loving presence, prayer is a way to find a moment of connection to something you believe in. 
Some people turn to prayer to surrender to an impossible situation, reminding themselves that a force much greater than themselves is at work. For others, prayer can be a cry for help or a way to help someone else who’s going through a difficult time.
Prayer has no downside. You do it in your own language, in your own way. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for a big crisis to experience its power. Praying for day-to-day blessings is equally valuable and for many, a great place to start.
Say a prayer today for someone you know who needs one—a friend who is ill, a parent, someone looking for a job, and so on—without telling the person. It’s a wonderful feeling to just pray for someone with nothing in return.

Posted: 6/28/09
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nice article/thought - finally I am adding cause some I do not find to be so refreshing, but then I am only human and as such an wannaB ape form another planet.

however I would add, that sometimes acts/our lives are prayers and just as powerful as any words thoughts, uttered silently or spoken aloud, and I like it when you can see a person living his prayer. so I say, just be love and watch Jesus smile and the rest of humanity too!


  • By bowney
  • on 6/28/09 6:06 AM EST