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The Best Med-Free Treatment for Your Anxiety

The Best Med-Free Treatment for Your Anxiety

If you’re currently experiencing anxiety or fear, consider this medication-free treatment: Sharing. Worry and fear are inwardly focused emotions, based on how something might affect you. Turning your attention outward will help you feel connected to a higher purpose and naturally weaken these destructive feelings.
Today, think of some way to share with someone else. Run an errand for an elderly neighbor. Gather together unused clothing or household items to donate. Spend an afternoon volunteering at a local hospital or shelter. Whether you share time or material items, the simple act of directing positive energy towards someone else will help you feel better.
As uplifting emotions flood your system, the anxiety and fear will literally start to melt away. Keep sharing on regular basis, and your anxieties and fears may just disappear altogether. You never know… maybe they were just a sign that you needed to bring more sharing into your life.

Posted: 5/4/09
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Hi Serena,

I hope this artlcle and web site helps you to find creative ways to release anxiety.
I hope you wake up refreshed, relaxed and present for a great day to unfold.
Keep breathing deeply and choose joyful, uplifting feelings.

I love you always with all my heart and soul,