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"I believe that I am a person who's optimistic about change. Thanks for reminding me from your broadcast with Gayle King... I needed that." -Michelle
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Sugar, ah, honey, honey...

Sugar, ah, honey, honey...

Let’s all raise our sugar bowls to the insulin gods. They can’t tell us what to do, no siree. We’ll eat all the refined sugar and carbs we want. If our bodies don’t make enough insulin to handle it, we’ll just cross that bridge later…

With insulin, that is.

Which is exactly what nearly 8% percent of Americans do, although not by choice. They have diabetes, which means their bodies either don’t produce, or don’t effectively use, insulin, the hormone that converts sugars and starches into energy. Ask anyone with diabetes and they’ll tell you. Insulin dependence isn’t worth any amount of donuts, frosted or otherwise.

Don’t join the growing number of Americans with diabetes. Start making a conscious effort to lower your risk by getting plenty of exercise and paying more attention to your food choices. For nutrition specifics and loads more information on diabetes, visit the American Diabetes Association web site.

C’mon, you don’t want other countries to keep laughing at us, do you?

Posted: 3/17/09
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You provide such a great mix of tips and this one is a great reminder. Love your humor! Thanks.