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The ABCs of VOCs

The ABCs of VOCs

Oh, no, Daddy, you’re not going to paint with all the windows closed again, are you?
Don’t worry, honey, this is zero VOC paint.
Volatile organic compounds. They’re chemicals that are released as gases, like formaldehyde and benzene. Remember the last time I painted your room, you ended up having an asthma attack?
Uh-huh. And then I got sick.
Right, well those were VOCs in action. So is that “fresh paint” smell.
This one won’t smell at all?
There are still small amounts of VOCs (under 5 g/L) even in this zero-VOC paint, but you won’t smell much. Only non-toxic paint has no VOCs, but since it’s made from raw ingredients, like clay, beeswax and mineral dyes, it’s very expensive. You’re more than welcome to use it in your house someday, but if you want to go to college in our lifetimes….

Before you get started on your spring painting jobs, check out this site for the lowdown on low VOC, zero VOC or non-toxic paints. They’re better for the environment than typical paint and can actually make a project more pleasant.

Hey, so you might even finish this time….

Posted: 3/13/09
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