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How Success-Full Are You?

How Success-Full Are You?

You work long hours and can barely cover your electric bill. Now you’ve learned that Bob got the promotion you’d been hoping for. Aren’t you happy for Bob?

Sort of.

Sorry, can’t hear you.

YES. You’re totally happy for dear, sweet, deserving Bob. You feel all warm and fuzzy inside and will run up and give Bob a big hug when you see him. Because you know that when you are genuinely thrilled by someone else's success, you’re contributing to your own.

You know that success is not about the money or the stuff or accomplishing this or that, but about the amount of joy you feel. And that if there was such a thing as a success jar, then each time you felt genuine joy—like when you sacrificed your time or helped someone in need—that jar would get fuller.

And the fuller the jar became, the more success-full you would be. Easier said than done sometimes, sure. But try being glad for the success of those around you, especially those you love. Finding your own way won’t be any easier if you’re consumed with jealousy or negative feelings. Be overjoyed for your friends and cohorts when they do well. It will come back to you eventually!

Posted: 1/8/09
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I agree with being happy for other peoples advances, but you have to make your own. If you are not succeeding, then you probably need to make a change. Seldom do good things just happen. Highly successful people did not get that way by accident. Now, if I can only take my own advice.


I believe that all things are such (good & bad) that we can learn and grow. So, no matter what happens in your life (or someone else's) there is an opportunity for you to choose to learn and grow. Take that opportunity every chance you get....