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Home Is Where the Magnet Is

Home Is Where the Magnet Is

Darn that unibrow. Now where did I put those tweezers? Last time I saw them they were right behind this—uh-oh. Fishing, anyone?

It’s hard enough keeping big items organized in the bathroom. Small ones are a nightmare. They always manage to work their way to the bottom of a cabinet or drawer, or worse, get lost entirely. Not that you should reorganize your entire bathroom around tweezers, but if you can never find them, a small change might be in order.

Try attaching a magnet to the inside of your medicine cabinet or some other convenient location. (Unless it’s a really powerful magnet or you’re the picture of grace, don’t hang it directly over the loo.) Attach your tweezers, nail clippers, blackhead remover, whatever, and you’ll always know where they are.

Assuming you remember to put them back.

Posted: 8/4/08
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