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Get Your Computer Cooking

Get Your Computer Cooking

Your recipe box may be teeming with scraps of paper, napkins and index cards describing delectable casseroles and goodies, but when was the last time you found anything in there? For most people, if there’s a computer nearby (and there is if you’re reading this), you type some ingredients into Google and look for the easiest recipe.

Make your computer work for you. There’s plenty of software out there for both Windows and Mac to help you organize Granny’s award-winning recipes. Programs like Cook’n Recipe Organizer are available in stores (try Best Buy or Circuit City), or you can download software from sites like eChef, Recipe Box or Cooks Palate.

If you tend to cook in other kitchens—say, at a relative’s house or summer home—opt for a program that stores your recipes on the web, such as Recipe Zaar and My Cook Book.

What's that? You don't keep recipes? Or cook? Start finding some favorite recipes to work on! A homecooked meal is often more delicious and nutritious than a take-out counterpart. Today, commit to enjoying a meal you made yourself. It can be as easy as pasta with fresh veggies or eggs and whole-wheat toast—you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment in completing even the simplest dish. Bon appetit!

Posted: 8/19/08
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My daughter and I were just talking about getting my recipes in one place so they can be passed down. I never really thought much about it but I'm going to give it a try.

  • By coleman
  • on 10/13/08 10:09 AM EST

One of the things I find handy about keeping your recipes stored electronically is being able to view how they change over time. It's interesting to see how changing just a few things can take a recipe and turn it into a whole other experience.