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Enter Meeting, Silence Phone

Enter Meeting, Silence Phone

Everywhere you go, signs read, “No cell phones, please.” That doesn’t mean you have to turn your phone off completely—they just don’t want to hear it ring (or listen to you gabbing). Get organized by learning the shortcut for turning your phone’s ringer off, so you can silence the little bugger at a moment’s notice.

The iPhone has a little switch on the top-left side that turns the ringer on and off. On other models, you simply press and hold the ‘#’ key, or you could use a programmable shortcut key. There’s always a shorter way than wading through cumbersome menus. If you’re having trouble finding one, check the user’s manual or the manufacturer’s web site.

Another benefit to a quiet cell phone? The opportunity to be present and aware of your companions and surroundings. Admit it—when someone is speaking, how often are you checking messages or your missed call log? By silencing your phone you're letting people with you know they are the most important to you right now. One last thing: Remember to check the setting. If you want the phone to vibrate, make sure your shortcut isn't to the silent option, because then you won't feel a thing when you get a call—and while you're doing a public service by silencing your ringer, you certainly won't be earning any points with friends and family when they find you unreachable in an emergency!

Posted: 8/17/08
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AMEN to that! Nothing more annoying than being second fiddle to someone's "Whassup" caller>:-\