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You're Rich!

You're Rich!

Life is all about context. You might feel strapped for cash and shop at the Stop and Save instead of Whole Foods, or take in a matinee rather than a full-price feature to be a bit more frugal. And, while you do these things, you're probably silently cursing the Bill Gates and Larry Ellisons of the world, wishing that you had more money and could live it up.

Surprise! You're totally loaded! But don't take our word for it–head over to GlobalRichList.com and see for yourself. Just type in your annual salary and see where you stand against the entire population of the world (just for perspective, someone who makes $50,000 per year is approximately the 59,029,289th richest person in the world...that's in the top 1%!)

Now, we know what you're probably thinking, but just stick with the idea for a second.
True wealth is in the eye of the beholder. We live in a consumer culture, and often find ourselves defining our self worth by what we can afford. But just for a second, imagine what it might look like to use some of what you do have not on what the world says you need, but on what the world itself needs. That's the point behind this List—brought to you by a creative company in the UK called Poke. Their hope? That you'll take some of your vast (or not so vast) fortune and share it with someone who's lower down on the list than you.

Here in the US, it's hard to feel financially blessed when it seems like there's never quite enough to get what you need, let alone keep up with the Joneses—or the celebrities running around the world on private planes, eating organic whatever with platinum utensils. But let's try and let that go for today, and instead think about what we might be able to do without so that someone else can have a little more.

What can you give this week? This month? This year? How does the GlobalRichList change how you feel about your money? Please share your thoughts with us!

Posted: 7/14/08
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You've made ypur point--even our poorest usually have a car, television and a roof over their heads. Can the poor in other countries say the same? True, its often with the
help of the rest of us but thats the main perk in living in
a rich country.

  • By car1951
  • on 8/18/08 2:02 AM EST