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"I have to say that I love your emails. They are helpful, uplifting, and down right witty. . . I truly enjoy them greatly." -Eugene
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I'll see me at 10:00.

Doctors, dentists, clients, co-workers, even TV shows—what do they all have in common? They’re all important enough that we’re willing to carve time out of our busy schedules and put everything else aside for them. We make a commitment and we’re there when we say, time and time again.


Need a haircut? Can’t—no time. Fun project at home? Sorry, it’ll have to wait. But all this extra time is not going to appear like magic. If you want to make something happen, do what works—schedule it.

Whether you need time to finish a project at home, to do something with the kids or to simply unwind, make the commitment, write it in your planner and make it happen, just like any other appointment.

And don’t be late—there’s an extra charge.

Posted: 5/6/08
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