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"I was actually waiting for your book to come out at Barnes and Noble, and reserved it two weeks before it came out. I told my therapist about it and your web site and how you made a positive impact on me." -M
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Local yolks.

You’re a label-reader, and you’re proud. You can recite the fat, sodium, carbohydrate and protein count of everything in your cart backwards standing on one foot, blindfolded.

Okay then, smartypants, where was that cantalope grown? You did read the label, right?

To ensure you’re getting the best fruits and vegetables, look for locally grown items. You’ll feel good about supporting local businesses and you’ll get the most flavor for your dollar. Because locally grown items don’t have to withstand a long, rough trip to market, they’re allowed to ripen longer and are picked shortly before you buy them. At farm stands, many items were picked within the last 24 hours.

Depending on where you live, other locally produced foods—eggs, dairy products, grains and so on—may be available in your area. Eating locally can become a whole new way of life. If you’re interested, check out the Eatlocalchallenge.com.

Posted: 5/5/08
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