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Silence the voices.

If a voice in your head screams, “Clean up this room!” every time you walk into your bedroom, you might want to listen. Mom and Dad aren’t there to make sure you do it, but your superego—which, as you may remember from Psych 101, is your mom and dad—won’t rest until you do.

Before hitting the sack, take a few minutes to tidy up. You’ll create a more relaxing environment for sleep, and you won’t be bombarded with clutter first thing in the morning.

If nothing else, move unfinished projects—i.e., stacks of photos to organize—out of the bedroom or at least out of site. They create unnecessary anxiety and stress every time you look at them. Sometimes, they even whisper insults.


Posted: 5/4/08
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Yes,my outsides(surroundings)must be clean for my insides (soul)to feel pure!


I definitely agree. Thank you for such a thoughtful post. I really believe that the mess in my house blocks me sometimes from being happy. Organization is one of my major goals.


I like this... I have not been able to sleep in about two weeks and I think this is making sense to me I am getting up right now and going to get stuff done around my house...