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Don't mail us, we'll call you.

Imagine opening up your mailbox to find bills, magazines, personal correspondence and requested store catalogs. Nothing more, just the items you’re expecting, day after day after day. Makes you feel kind of sad and empty inside, doesn’t it?


Actually, you’d do a dance if you never had to carry another subscription offer, pre-approved credit card application or insurance offer into the house again. It doesn’t help that you can dump them in the recycling bin. You shouldn’t have to waste your time. If you need someone’s services, you’ll ask.

Stop a big percentage of junk mail from cluttering up your life by visiting the Direct Marketing Association web site. Look through the different options and follow the steps to get off of mailing lists for good.

OK, start dancing.

Posted: 5/28/08
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I did a similar thing. I took all the catalogs I've been piling up, ripped off the pages with the 800 number and my customer number and called them all the cancel each one. It made a huge difference in my mail box load and I don't feel guilty about wasting paper or feel tempted to buy things I don't really need!