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What a day for a daydream.

What? Huh? Oh, sorry, I was just having the most incredible daydream. You should try it sometime. It’s like being a kid again. You remember, don’t you? Making up stories in your mind where things went exactly the way you wanted them to? Talk about control.

People tend to think of daydreaming as a childhood thing, but why should kids have all the fun? Tap into your inner child and give it a whirl. If you need to justify it from a productivity perspective, daydreaming keeps your imagination alive, lets you explore your whims and can even help you figure out what you really want out of life. Add the resulting stress reduction and feelings of inner peace, and daydreaming may just be the perfect pastime.

That is, as long as you aren’t supposed to be doing something else…

Posted: 5/27/08
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Comes easy-I call it going on vacation!Feels good.