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Don't eat without me.

You may have heard that kids who eat dinner with their families are less likely to get involved with drugs and alcohol than those who don’t. They also seem to get better grades, experience less stress and eat better.  

Now researchers are questioning, is it the dinners that make the difference? Or do the kids who have more family dinners have stronger families to begin with?

Well frankly, who cares?

A not-so-strong family that starts having more dinners together just for the kids is only going to become stronger, and that’s a good thing all around. Plain and simple, dinners together equal more quality time together, better communication, greater connections and so on. So whether you’re strong, not-strong, have children or don’t, eat dinner together when you can.

Now if you could just find something everyone will eat…

Posted: 5/24/08
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I agree..Doesn't matter if you eat together as a family or not..How the kids grow up and who they hang out or who they choose to do is really up to them. Eating together may bring family closer and more comfortable but that doesn't mean they won't do drugs, do bad in school, or stress out.


This is true coming from oa mother with 4 african american boys and 1 girl, In interracial relationship.with a hectic life. We have breakfast together on weekends and at least 4 dinner time a week.

  • By Jahqueh
  • on 6/18/08 3:33 PM EST