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Never pay bills again.

It’s Saturday. The sun is shining. Giggles and a fine mist come floating in through the window—your kids are watering, with a little help from your better half. And you’re at the kitchen table paying bills? How 1990 of you.

Get with the online banking program and pay those bills without checks, stamps or envelopes. Just go to your bank’s web site (or choose an online service), set up online bill pay and getting those bills out becomes a matter of clicks.

While you’re taking things off your plate, eliminate yourself from the process entirely. For each payee, enter an amount and a date to have the funds withdrawn automatically each month. You’ll never be late again.

Not that you can be totally lax. You still have to make sure there’s enough in your account to cover the bills. And always check your statements for discrepancies.

Just not on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Posted: 5/22/08
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I resisted this for the longest time (don't ask why), but now it's such a pleasure to see the bills getting paid without my having to write out a check, lick an envelope and waste a stamp. (but now what am i going to do with all those stamps i just bought?) :)