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"Just browsed your web site after noticing your book at B&N...I loved the intimacy of your sharing and hope to try some of your suggestions as I enjoy new things." -Sheldon
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Your community on $0 a day.

Is it really true that the best things in life are free? If by “best” you mean free while still giving you and your family something to do, then yes, those things are free. (Whatever.)
Look for the best free things in your community. For example, most local libraries offer movies for next to nothing—way less than 5 bucks a pop at some rental chain or $10 each at the movies. (Double that if you want food.) While you’re there, pick up some music CDs and reserve a best-selling book.
Check with your park department for recreational programs or go to high school sporting events. Your town may also offer community lectures, a summer concert series or other entertainment. If it’s not free, it’s probably pretty close.

Certainly less than $50 a seat for a Major League Baseball game.

Posted: 5/20/08
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