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"I saw you on the Today show and it was that short appearance that literally, and physically, helped to change my life. You were the inspiration and motivation I needed to finally get moving." -Aisling
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Help, I need somebody.

Can’t… hold… up… much… longer…

Weighted down by the proverbial overflowing plate? Before you throw in the towel (or hurl the entire plate at your boss), sit down, take a deep breath and say it out loud: “I need help.”

The hardest part’s over. Now you just have to figure out where you’re going to get help. If it’s work that’s weighing you down, have a heart-to-heart with your boss or coworkers. (Use your best judgment—if you get fired, we had nothing to do with it.) Maybe they can help lighten your workload or offer suggestions for working more efficiently.

At home, share your feelings with your roommate or family members. Maybe it’s time to delegate some chores, invest in a cleaning service or hire some contractors to get those projects done.

Because clearly, crabbing about everything you have to do isn’t working.

Posted: 5/14/08
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I have found that friend will help you first before your own family. I live with my son and he works I am disabled but when I ask him to help with the housework he says I work all day, I only ask him to pick up after himself, he is 39yr. I told him I am your mother not your maid, I do everything here cleaning, laundry,ect. he does do the shopping. but he does not always get the things I need I do not eat the same things he eats so I usually go a couple day without eating doesn't hurt helps with the weight been able to lose 50 pounds need another 75 to 100lbs. I will be a hot mama again and fell nice enough to maybe find a date. I do have a friend that comes over and helps sometimes. when she does she will not let me help she say sit down I will get that. I love her to pieces she is so great. my first friend I have every had I do not what her to think every time she comes over she has to clean my house I tell her and she say I like to do this. what do I do? but let her.


I would have to say...I think once you get use to the word Help.You'll find it very rewarding if you do have the right people in your life that are very giving and helpful. I knowing asking for help is one of the main thing in life that we never want to do....We just sometimes feel like they won't help us even if we ask. But if you need to just ask. What do you have to lose?


This is definitely the hardest thing to do. It is amazing that once you ask for help, the majority of people are so willing and able.


I found that admitting that you need help with anything in Life is one of the hardest and First things you ahve to do to get some Help from other people.Even if you have to Delegate some of the Burden or Workload to someone else to acheive more Me timethat is so much needed and richly diserved,no matter what the cost, as long as It's not YOU or your Sanity. t the is I