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"Love your blog, very passionate and true...and shows how much you are doing and giving in your life." -Montgomery
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A personal trainer that works 24/7.

You aren’t getting enough exercise these days. Neither are your kids. Frankly, you’ve all been acting a bit—well, grumpy—lately. Maybe you need a little motivation. Something to get all those arms and legs movin’ and groovin’.

What you need is a D-O-G, dog.

People with dogs walk almost twice as much as those without them, according to researchers from the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Man’s best friend may just be the most effective personal trainer available. Even if you don’t feel like hauling yourself up off the couch, who can resist those big puppy eyes?

Not that you should run out and get a dog just for the exercise. But if you’ve been on the fence or you can’t take another minute of the kids’ pleading, this may be the “what’s in it for me?” answer you’ve been looking for.

Posted: 5/1/08
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What if you don't like dogs? I personally don't think I can ever own a pet. I just can't see myself taking care of them and having to do through those emotional stages when they're no longer here...I think I'd rather find an alternate route. Very helpful though!


Don't forget those 4am wake up calls!