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Mood or Mozart?

Intelligence is pouring out of these fingers. Are you feeling it? All I have to do is think of a question and it’s answer magically appears.

How do I do it? I’m listening to Mozart, of course. (See? Question, answer.)

There’s plenty of controversy about the “Mozart Effect”—the idea that listening to Mozart makes you more intelligent. The media loves the idea, but researchers haven’t been able to reproduce the results that started all the hoopla. (In 1993, students listening to Mozart performed better on tasks than those listening to a relaxation tape or silence.)

Regardless, enjoy some classical music for its other benefits. Relaxing pieces can help to relieve stress, while high-energy, uplifting pieces can improve your mood and may even help motivate you to do something you may not otherwise want to do.

Like get smarter.

Posted: 4/27/08
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I have heard this and that's why my son watches the Baby Einstein series of videos. Granted we only have 3 so far.
Not saying it's true, but my nephew has the "montessori" school knowledge and was hooked on baby einstein.
Just my 2 cents.
If nothing else it can lighten your spirit sometimes, watching their faces light up