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Buy Yourself a FEED Bag

As a kid, when you didn’t finish your dinner, you probably heard, “eat up, there are thousands of starving kids in the world.” Well, they were wrong. There are millions.

Instead of just writing starving children off as the way the world is, do something about it. Go to Amazon.com and purchase a FEED bag. Your one-time donation will help the UN World Food Programme (WFP) feed a child a lunch meal in school for an entire school year.

A partnership between WFP and Lauren Bush, WFP Honorary Spokesperson, the FEED program provides an incentive for children actually to attend school and also improves their performance. (Who can concentrate on an empty stomach?) Plus, the reversible bag you get—natural burlap on one side, white cotton on the other—is actually quite handy.

Posted: 4/23/08
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