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Fun, Fun, Fun

When you were a kid, there was always something to look forward to—a holiday, your birthday, a vacation or some other fabulously exciting event. You waited what seemed like forever for these special days, but that was the fun of it, the anticipation.

As an adult, do the days just sort of melt together and there’s nothing to look forward to? Well, woe is you....

Quit your sniveling and create some anticipation already. Set up a date—with someone else or by yourself—and plan some fun. Go to the movies, read a great book, tie-dye the bed sheets, go sailing—whatever floats your boat. Having fun on a regular basis makes you happy, plain and simple, and the anticipation is a huge part of that happiness.

No one out there is going to make your happiness for you. It’s in your hands.

Posted: 4/21/08
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