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Chase Away Itchy Dogs

Psst—hey buddy. Yeah, you, closing the medicine cabinet. We saw the antifungal cream. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us—just keep those fungus feet over there.

Speaking of secrets, you should try bamboo. Not in its original, stick-like state (unless you plan to beat the little buggers off), but woven into bamboo socks. Bamboo fabric is softer than cotton—it feels a bit like silk—and just happens to be naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. The China Textile Industry Testing Center has shown that bamboo fabric reduces bacteria by 99.8% in 24 hours. In a study on patients with athlete’s feet, after two to five days of wearing bamboo socks, all symptoms had disappeared!

As an added bonus, bamboo is environmentally friendly. It grows quickly and with very little water. To start shopping for bamboo socks and other clothing items, go to Bambooclothes.com, Bamboosa.com or Bamboostylesonline.com.

Posted: 4/2/08
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