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How often do you think about the people in your life who are really important to you? And no, remembering to buy Aunt Rhoda a birthday gift at Wal-Mart doesn’t count. We’re talking really taking the time to reflect on a special relationship you had or have now that has made a difference in your life. Not very often? Join the club. We’re all way too busy for such unproductive tasks.

Take some time away from all the daily nonsense, sit quietly by yourself and honor an important relationship in your life. Appreciate the things he or she does or has done for you. Focus on what makes that person special to you now, or if the person is no longer living, what did during his or her lifetime.

Feeling or remembering the loving energy of relationships can be a powerful reminder of what’s truly important in this life—the people in it.

Posted: 4/19/08
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I am grateful for my new found relationship. He has truly brought out the girl in me. I am a better person and mother now and I think about how meeting him did that all for me.


What a nice thought. I'm doing this now. thank you!