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Write Yourself an I. O. Me

If you aren’t saving any money, ask yourself when you plan to start. Next week? After your next raise? That’s what you said last time. Funny how the more you make, the more you spend, and you never feel like you have “extra” money.

Right now, put some money into your savings account. So many people in the U.S. live in debt. It’s the American way. The U.S. national debt is upwards of $9 trillion, according to Brillig.com.

Make the conscious decision to protect your financial future. Whether it’s $5 a week or $5,000, at least you’re working towards greater security.

Look at it this way: If you tucked $20 a week into a coffee can, in one year you’d have enough for that big screen—er, we mean, you’d have $1,040 dollars saved.

Posted: 4/13/08
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