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Stop and Smell the Roses

You shower each and every day, without fail. Deodorant is an absolute must. Your oral hygiene is impeccable—only the mintiest toothpaste will do. And you never forget to dab a bit of toilet water—er, eau de toilette— behind the earlobes.

It’s no wonder everyone is always in such a good mood around you. You smell great. And, you thought it was your charming personality.

According to the UK-based Social Issues Research Centre’s Smell Report, there is convincing evidence that “pleasant fragrances can improve our mood and sense of well-being.” But, is it the smell itself or the associated memory or expectation? For example, a whiff of freshly baked bread might make you feel good because it reminds you of a warm, nurturing environment—Grandma’s kitchen.

Whatever the case, make note of the scents you love and surround yourself with them. With so many good smells in the world, you have no excuse not to be in a good mood.

Posted: 3/7/08
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