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"I LOVE First 30 Days!" -Jenni
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I Got a New Attitude

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me. (Say it again.) I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me. (Really loudly this time.) I’M GOOD ENOUGH, I’M SMART ENOUGH AND DOGGONE IT, PEOPLE LIKE ME.

So how about you. What do you want to change? Think up a statement that affirms how you want to view things, called—you guessed it—an affirmation. Got one? Okay, now say it out loud.

Good. Say it again.

Excellent. Keep going.

Repeating an affirmation makes your thinking more positive and can actually reprogram your unconscious mind. Repeat it every day, multiple times a day, until it becomes part of your thinking. While you’re at it, write the affirmation on a Post-it and stick it wherever you’ll see it—on the bathroom mirror, inside the fridge or right smack in the middle of your front door. It’s a whole new you.

Posted: 3/31/08
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It works for ME!

  • By acatt35
  • on 7/8/08 10:36 PM EST

I differently Like this suggestion! Having a positive veiw on circumstances or/and a postive view of yourself; Changes everything!!! Take my situation for example:

"It's been a year since I had committed myself to the walk with Christ; Altough I should be happy, Often I'm not!

Somehow, I have managed to misinterpret the bible; Beliving that when I became saved, it meant that I would no longer make mistakes!I realize today, that I am not a perfect person; and it's a fact that God knows it!

However, when I make a Mistake, I find myself condeming myself, for doing the things and saying things that are ungodly.

It took somemore trails and tribulations to realize something very significant; If I am relying on ME to save ME from all my transgressions; then it's true; I will fail! However, if I belive that Jesus is slowly deliverying me (meaing taking off all the invisible shackles); Then I can rest asure that things, regardless of how they may appear to OTHERS, will be ok!!!

Not to say that what I do is ok, because it's not! However, this fact is true.
I am not the person I was a year from today, I have made tremendous progress, thanks to God, His word, and the teachings of his only begotton son Jesus Christ.

By next year, I will have made more progress and more in my life will change!!! My behavior will be more in accordance with God's commands; all because He love's me!!! And all because He love's you"!!!!

John 3:16 " God (the father) so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son (Jesus), that whoever belives in him shall not persih, but have eternal life."

It Gose on to say: "For God did not send the Son into the world to jugde the world, but that the WORLD MIGHT BE SAVED THROUGH HIM".

So with that said today, "I have a new attitude!!!" Thanks to God the Father and Thanks to Jesus Christ, my own personal savior and Thank to the holy spirit, who anoints my head with oil.

Because of them, I am no longer thirsty, thanks to them I am being set free!!!!

  • By leelee3
  • on 6/26/08 2:25 PM EST