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Mondays Rock

Just another manic Sunday… I wish it were Monday… cause that’s my fun day…

Yes, we know that’s not how it goes. It’s just that we love Mondays. Sundays are—well, kind of dull. They’re all about finishing homework, grocery shopping, laundry and other random stuff that helps you get ready for the week. Bor-ing. Mondays are the best day of the week. We’ve made them that way.

Everyone plans enjoyable activities for Fridays, like a reward at the end of a hard week. But, why add more to a day that’s inherently fun? Spread things out a little. Make Monday the day that you meet friends for lunch, shop for yourself or work on a project you’ve been dying to finish. Find something you look forward to and attach it to Monday. You’ll be amazed how quickly you stop hating the start of the work week.

It’s all in how you look at it.

Posted: 3/30/08
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I get out with my mother 67 on Monday makes her whole week and get lunch befor all the shoping,takes the speciel time for just talking makes her week.

  • By Anonymous
  • on 5/25/08 11:48 PM EST

What a nice thought. I was joking about Mondays today ... saying even if we got rid of Monday, Tuesday would be Monday, so there really is no way around it, except what you suggest: just embrace it and make it a "fun" day!