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What Can You Do in 60 Seconds?

Everyone’s always griping and groaning about all the stuff they have to do, but does anyone really stop to think about how long each of those things will take? Jeez, Louise, all that time whining and complaining. They could be done already.

If you can do something in less than one minute, do it now. Like flossing. Set the timer and you’ll see that it takes right around 60 seconds. Bet you thought it was longer. C’mon now, is it really so hard to spend one extra minute in the bathroom? Think of how good you’ll feel about yourself.

Whenever you have a list of to do’s that’s a mile long, knock of the 60-seconds-or-less items first—sorting through mail, taking out the trash, feeding the ferret, whatever—you’ll go from overwhelmed to calm, cool and productive in a matter of minutes.

Posted: 3/12/08
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