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It Could Happen to You, or Me

Okay, raise your hand if you have emergency plans for things like fires, hurricanes, earthquakes or terrorist attacks. You with the hand up, thanks for making us all look bad. The rest of you, listen up.

We want to keep ourselves and our families safe, right? Emergency plans will help us stay calm and think clearly if an emergency situation catches us off guard. For home, we need to think about things like escape routes, items to grab on the way out, a family meeting place and how we’ll contact friends and relatives. We should even put aside emergency supplies—for example, in our cars. (For detailed info on setting up plans, go to Redcross.org and click Preparedness.)

We should definitely check out workplace (and school) plans, too. According to the FBI, having an emergency-action plan helps people feel more secure at work.

Hey, does that mean it might help with my insecurities?

Posted: 3/10/08
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