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"I have a new motto now because of you: From this situation, something good will come! You're a true godsend! I thank you from the bottom of my heart." -Jamie
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Passing notes.

Remember when your parents used to make you hand-write thank-you notes? There was a good reason for that—other than the fact that text messaging and email didn’t exist. They knew it would make Nana Evelyn and all your other friends and relatives feel good.

If everyone loves getting letters, how come so few people write them these days? Does it really take that much longer than email? According to Wholefamily.com, letter writing can help increase your sense of well-being. Write some thoughts on paper and mail them to someone you care about. Just think of the smile at the other end.

For added health benefits, use a letter to get some negative feelings off your chest—constructively, that is. Letting it all out has been shown to strengthen your immune system and reduce symptoms of depression. So spill it.

Posted: 2/6/08
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I love letter writing. It's like a lost art. I have a friend who send cards and letters all year long, not just for the holidays. I always smile when I get one of her cards. I agree. It does mean more than an email.