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Find your inner rubber ducky.

There’s a very good reason your kids (and everyone else’s) don’t want to get out of the bathtub. It feels great. Submerging yourself in warm water is incredibly relaxing and can melt away the cares of the day.

Caught up in the stress of daily life, most of us rush through a quick shower—90 seconds should do it—before heading off to work, school or wherever. In her book The Bathtub Yoga & Relaxation Book: Yoga in the Bath for Energy, Vitality & Pleasure, Marjorie Jaffe writes, “you forget how to take care of yourself, and [a bath] teaches you to take time, meditate and be mindful of your body.”

Once in a while, set aside some time for yourself to unwind. Tune into our inner child, round up your favorite bath toys—bubble bath, a favorite book or maybe a few candles—and take a nice, long tubby.

Posted: 2/5/08
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I love taking a bubble bath. I have a special pillow and even my own rubber ducky.

  • By Talamar
  • on 5/20/08 7:53 PM EST