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Blow less gas

If you’re looking for another way to help the environment, try burning a little less gas. Not by purchasing one of those energy-efficient hybrids or hydrogen-powered cars—although they could help you burn a lot less gas—but by changing how you drive.

For starters, go easy on the pedals. Accelerating too fast and breaking too hard both reduce fuel economy. Not only that, but being jerked around is incredibly annoying—and probably why no one ever lets you drive. Also, slow down a bit on the highway. Set your cruising speed to 60 mph rather than the usual 70 mph (or beyond), and you’ll get an extra four miles to the gallon, according to Consumer Guide Automotive.

Breaking your lead-foot ways will maximize fuel efficiency, lowering the carbon emissions your car releases into the environment. Not only that, but with gas prices as high as they are these days, you’ll be psyched to spend less time at the pump.

Posted: 2/3/08
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