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Alone Again (Naturally)

Alone Again (Naturally)

As a kid, you probably equated being alone with being a “loser.”

Even as a grownup, you probably still feel more secure surrounded by other people—it's why we struggle so much when moving to a new city, breaking up or divorcing. But young or old, spending time alone is just as important as having an active social life.

Whether you want to believe it or not, your opinions, likes and dislikes are influenced by the people around you. Spending time alone gives you a chance to hear that voice inside your head without interruptions or contradictions. Listen closely, and you’ll develop a better understanding of who you are.

How much time do you spend alone? Make a date with yourself to go to a movie solo, take a walk or drive without trying to get anywhere or to simply stay home by yourself and work on a project or favorite hobby. And no, sitting at your desk at work doesn't count! This is all about getting in touch with yourself.

Tell us about some time you've spent on your own lately, and what came of it.

Posted: 12/7/08
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Remember Alone really means "All One" if you really go inside you'll find that connection and realize separation is the illusion


My husband first husband died 12 years ago and I remarried 9 years ago.This last May my second husband decided he did not want to be married any longer so we separated. He has decided his 32 year old daughter, granddaughter and he will go to his son's home for Christmas so I won't get to see my granddaughter on Christmas day. It was very hard to accept this at first but with the help of friends and family I can make it through the holidays. At first after he moved out I was so hurt, scared and lonely but as time goes by, I am comfortable being "alone". I have friends who have gone through separation and divorce and they are a great strength to me and are "there" for me. It is still lonely and scary at times but I think God sent me a special angel this spring. I rescued some kittens and one in particular is very special. Her heart is not good and my vet says she may not live a year but she gets into more things than any cat I have ever had and always seems to make me laugh when I need it most. So I guess my time alone has been spent with my special angels curled up on my lap and giving me the gift of laughter on down days.


Alone is what I am 95% of my time, becauses my husband past away. Ufortuately I find that my best company is the TV. I had a moment of understanding as this topic gave me better insite on what to do with my time. I just wonder if I can loose the habit of watchng TV . Perhaps makin a date with myself to take me away from it is the answer. What does one do when the date is over, and once again, there is the TV? I need a permanate date away from it. Any suggestions?

  • By Isseiy
  • on 12/8/08 12:20 AM EST

A doctor recently prescribed me to spend 10 minutes in the morning to myself, and I have literally been taking that 10 minutes to sit down, have a nice place setting set and enjoy my breakfast, with a magazine or a favorite CD, and I must say, it's been wonderful. Not only do I really enjoy setting the timer to do this, but am very sad when the alarm goes off and have noticed because of this little exercise in the morning, I am not CRAVING more "ME TIME", and plan to add 5 minutes to start, and possibly add another 10 minutes in the evening. I think you must find yourself and your likes even if it's 10 minutes at a time. Thanks, Dorina

  • By Dorina
  • on 12/7/08 6:58 AM EST