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Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination

Take a stroll by any playground, and you won’t see little Susie or Billy worrying about yesterday’s math worksheet. More likely, they’re involved in some elaborate, made-up game having a grand ol’ time.

Why do kids have so much fun? Besides the obvious—no bills to pay—they use their imaginations, something we adults could stand to do a little more of. Using your imagination is fun, improves memory and increases brain power.

Today, do something to bring more imagination into your life. If you have kids of your own, engage in imaginative play with them. Make up stories together, play a game their way or turn the couch into a fort. If you're flying solo, making up stories works well too, but you could also try experimenting with cooking (recipes are cheating!) or letting your mind just wander into something you might be excited about. It doesn't matter how you do it, but spark your creativity today!

Think up other ways to bring imagination into your life. All it takes is—that’s right, a little imagination.

Posted: 12/4/08
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what a lovely thought! that really feels good to focus on.