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Listen to Yourself

Listen to Yourself

We all tend to validate our own thoughts and opinions by asking others theirs. Be honest...how many times have you looked to a friend, sibling, parent or spouse to tell you that you look good or are thinking the "right" thing?

There's nothing wrong with wanting an opinion, but they shouldn't supercede your own. Dr. John F. Demartini, international public speaker on wisdom, healing, personal success and leadership, suggests that the secret to a more fulfilling life is to listen to your inner voice instead. The most inspired individuals in history made their mark by following theirs. Release the creativity, inspiration and power inside of you by tuning into yours.

Try this technique for communing with your wise inner guide: Standing, arms at your side, tilt your head up 30 degrees, then look up 30 degrees. Close your eyes and think of all the things you’re grateful for. When your heart opens, ask your inner voice for a guiding message.

Don't hear it? No big. You can keep trying until you do. The point here is really learning about self-reflection and listening to yourself each day, and appreciating what it is you have to say!

Posted: 11/3/08
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I like to use prayer to open my inner wisdom. I imagine I am having a conversation with Jesus or Buddah. I ask and wait for a reply. Today, I asked them how I was going to deal with my adult daughter's scary life choices. My answer was that I could not deal with the things I could do something about if I spent all of my energy worrying about the things I can. I felt at peace with that.