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Order in the House

Order in the House

Stress is catchy--it spreads from one family member to the next, like a bad cold.

Hey, keep your stress to yourself.

While you can’t control the outside world, you’ll keep home stress to a minimum if you set up some systems for keeping the entire family organized. Here are five you may wish to try:

  • Have one, central calendar for everyone’s obligations.
  • Display school or work schedules on the fridge, a bulletin board or some other visible location.
  • Designate a bulletin board, folder or binder for event flyers, birthday invitations, home repair estimates or anything else needed in the near future.
  • Keep a running grocery list that anyone can add to. Do the same for other frequented stores--i.e., Wal-Mart.
  • Plan dinners a week or two at a time (with your spouse and kids, if appropriate). Knowing what to expect equals less complaining.

What else keeps your family organized and less stressed?


Posted: 10/9/08
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If I don't open the mail and deal with it each day it has a tendency to pile up and then I have to waste time sorting through what can be tossed and what I need to deal with.


If I have the iron out for one thing, I will iron a few things and hang them up. I also try to make lunches the night before and if I'm planning on making a crock pot meal I will chop the veggies the night before to give me more time in the morning.

  • By bstarr
  • on 10/9/08 10:12 AM EST