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Gentlemen, Screen Your Prostates

Gentlemen, Screen Your Prostates

Hey everyone, it’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Week. Not that we all need to sit around discussing this male gland that makes fluid to help nourish and transport sperm during—well, you know. But it’s important to acknowledge that 1 in 6 men will develop prostate cancer.

Now there’s a sobering thought.

The good news is, a guy's chances of beating prostate cancer are excellent, provided it’s detected early. Here's the rub: There are often no early warning signs to this disease, so go for regular screenings.

During Prostate Cancer Awareness Week, men over 45 (and high risk males over 40) can get free or low cost screenings at local sites across America. To find a site near you, click here.

Ladies, you aren’t off the hook on this one. It’s up to you to nag (uh, strongly encourage) the men in your life, so they’ll actually have the screenings. Learn more about managing prostate cancer, prevention and treatment with our experts.

Posted: 9/21/08
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It is a shame that this wasn't timely. It came out on 9/21, the day after the "awareness week" ended. It made it unlikely that anyone was able to utilize the free or low cost screening sites. The one that was here local for us was on 9/16. I am fully aware of the need for this and would have loved to have been able to help family and friends get the screening that due to the cost they have been unable to get to date.


I was actually just reading about this. Men with high fat diets who are not physically active should get tested starting at age 40. Also, it appears that African American males are also at higher risk.

We hear so much about breast cancer this time of year with Breast Cancer Awareness month just around the corner, I think it's important to be putting the spotlight on men and prostate cancer.